LT Blue CottageToday is the release date for the large-print paperback edition of the first in the McCabe series, The Long Trail. It should be available at any bookstore that sells new books, and also it can be ordered through Amazon.

The release of a new book is always a big event for a writer. This might be even more so for me because it’s my first-ever book in paperback form. It also completes another step in the long journey this novel took, as I detailed in an earlier blog. A journey that began for me when I was ten years old and began creating the characters that we now know as the McCabes.

I am truly grateful to all of the readers who seem to love reading about this family as much as I enjoy writing about them. The newest edition in the series, Trail Drive, is now in the editing phase and I hope to have it available as an ebook for Kindles and kindle readers soon. I’m also working on the novel Preacher With a Gun, the first in the Jubilee series, which is a companion to the McCabe series. I have a tentative release date of October 15.

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