I’ve never had the privilege and honor of meeting Tommy Lasorda. Maybe I will someday. But the man changed my life with a book he wrote with David Fisher, called THE ARTFUL DODGER. For those not in the know, Tommy Lasorda was the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers for...


Well, it’s finally here. TRAIL DRIVE, which is the fifth installment in my series, THE McCABES. I have always liked cattle drive stories. One of my favorite TV series was RAWHIDE. It only seemed natural that the McCabe family would get around to a cattle drive, sooner...


Today is the release date for the large-print paperback edition of the first in the McCabe series, The Long Trail. It should be available at any bookstore that sells new books, and also it can be ordered through Amazon. The release of a new book is always a big event...

A Writer’s Life

It has been said that writing is actually an exercise in the art of procrastination and futility. Maybe so. Allow me to open the door and invite you in for a look at my day. It begins at 7:30 in the morning, and I crawl out of bed. I don’t spring out of bed like...

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